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Sherwin Strong


Comox's Sherwin Strong is a man of many talents.

The Advocate

21 years ago he developed SelfAdvocateNet, hoping to provide a platform for persons with intellectual disabilities to speak their minds and stay updated on community issues.


Today, SelfAdvocateNet is the world's biggest self-advocacy website, and Bryce is one of BC's leading advocates for the inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities. Not only does he continue to run SelfAdvocateNet, he is a member of the Self Advocate Leadership Network and fundraises for the Special Olympics.

The Artist

Sherwin uses music as part of his advocacy. and as a member of the national team  represented Canada at several international sporting events, including the Special Olympics World Games in Greece, China, and LA, where more gold medals followed.

For his enduring commitment to helping others, and being a model representative of BC nationally and abroad, Bryce Schaufelberger is March BC'er of the Month!

If you know someone who you think should be BC'er of the Month, send a message to!

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